1.           How much is the exercise bike for

Home fitness bicycles are not only available in diverse models, but also various prices, ranging from very affordable products about $ 50-70 to high-end models, which selling price of up to several thousand dollars. However, with basic needs and moderate economic conditions, you only need to choose products in the price segment from 50-200 USD.

2.           Different types of home gym bicycles

The exercise bike does not have saddle

If you are a young, healthy, and active person, used to lose weight and want to have a slim body, you should choose this bike line.

The exercise bike has a saddle with a wide pedal

This is a model with a saddle design combined with an extremely flexible wide pedal, as it allows you to stand or pedal evenly. This line of exercise bikes is suitable for all needs, ages, or health conditions.

Stationary bike with compact saddle

The bike has a simple design with a pedal case, saddle, and a handle that is extremely convenient. The handle is fixed while the saddle can be adjusted. For families with a narrow area, this product is a perfect choice.

The exercise bicycle has a backrest chair

This is one of the product lines designed specifically for the elderly and those in the orthopedic and rehabilitation phase. The bike is similar in design to the saddle bike, but with an extra seat for you to rest your back on.

3.           High-quality material

Material is an important factor as it will affect the product’s durability and safety during exercise. Most of today’s exercise bicycles use high-grade steel alloy material, the outside is sprayed with a powder coating that is very resistant to force, impact resistance, and adhesion.

4.           Functions, support utilities

The current line of exercise bikes has been equipped with many other functions such as adjusting the height of the handles, saddle, adjusting the training level. Some high-end exercise bikes are also equipped with up to 8 levels of training to help you no longer feel bored while exercising.

5.           The display is clear

Normally, the display screen is LED or LCD. This is the place that will show the practitioner parameters such as distance, time, speed, heart rate, and the calories burned during exercise. There is a more effective exercise and control regime.

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6.           Warranty

The longer the warranty period will help you feel more secure during use because, in the process of using the product more or less, you will encounter problems or damage. Therefore, the warranty period is very necessary. Usually, the exercise bikes on the market today have a warranty period of about 12-24 months.