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UK Bookmakers History and Sporting Culture

British sports fans like to play with their sporting predictions and that’s well known. However now online betting is fast becoming an increasingly common form of betting.

Some of the world’s largest sports betting sites and independent bookmakers are Uk based, given the ingrained culture of sports betting It makes perfect sense – because because the UK sporting culture is very long established, sports such as horse racing, cricket, rugby and football have been been played for over a hundred years so the British are sports mad.

Since the betting industry moved online over 20 years ago the growth of sports betting as an entertainment activity has exploded. The days of small high street betting shops are numbered – these days sports bets can all be done online. The move to Uk betting sites has created several valuable benefits for the UK punter such as ease of access, more choice for punters, lower running costs for uk internet betting, improved data for betting decisions, an explosion of betting opportunities and of course many new uk sports betting offers.
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While betting online is offers many significant benefits versus a traditional betting shop, you need to choose you UK website bookmakers carefully and that’s why we keep “Best UK betting sites list” updated with the newest UK bookmakers and new UK betting offers too.

What is the most crucial thing when looking for a UK Sporting bet Site?

With the explosive growth in online Uk betting, new internet Uk betting sites appear weekly, but be careful , be wise and read our guide to find the best new uk betting offers and sites.

Read our guide to find the best betting offers and new Uk betting sites, we will show you how to find the perfect uk sports betting site and register at the top online Uk bookies.

You must check that the website is licenced in the UK for sports betting, for your safety. If an online UK betting site does not have a valid UK betting licence, you should simply stay away from it. Legitimate internet betting sites hold either a licence issued by the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. other trustworthy betting licence issuees are the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the government of Curacao.

We recommend that you make sure before you register for a UK gambling site that it is licenced by either the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming authority, or less ideally by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission or government of Curacao. This is very all-important if you want a safe and secure UK betting site, the bookie of your choice must have a valid license, alternatively save yourself the work of searching for the best uk betting websites and see our UK betting sites list that includes all the top UK betting sites, new UK betting sites and the latest betting offers too.

Best UK Betting Sites -Expert Reviews

Checking reviews about a UK betting site you are considering is really important to verify the website’s levels of customer satisfaction. User opinions can be genuinely helpful to get the most important information from UK punters that place bets online.

Betting Sites and Encrypted Connections

UK betting sites today should be run on secure and encrypted connections (a SSL certificate UK betting sites list will prefic the website url with “https” instead of just “http”) that keeps your sensitive data and your internet gambling transactions safe and sound.
Advanced encryption is a must at this point to help to protect your personal details.

You can check if the connection is secure by clicking on the small padlock icon in the header area of the website url| in your internet browser. Be sure that it says “Connection is secure”, then you will know that the website is secure.

UK Betting Sites – That Offer Fast Payouts

UK Online betting scams are thankfully not a big problem, especially if you are sensible and follow our online UK betting sites advice or simply pick sites from UK bookmaker’s list.

Conclusion UK Betting Sites

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